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Mizino Ezy Lite Night

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Mizino Ezy Lite Night Sachet Health Care
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RM160 / box

全新来自日本 Mizino Ezy Lite Night 瘦身

全新来自日本 Mizino Ezy Lite Night 能够在夜里温和地溶解脂肪和排毒,帮助隔天早上排除体内过多的脂肪和毒素,让您轻松地睡觉瘦身,维持健康苗条的身段。


  • 温和地溶解脂肪,帮助睡觉瘦身
  • 预防体重反弹
  • 有效改善与预防便秘
  • 清除宿便及毒素
  • 促进肠道蠕动
  • 强化肠胃功能
  • 改善消化系统健康
  • 清血排毒
  • 压制食欲,防止对宵夜的渴望


✔ 无副作用
✔ 100% 素食成分
✔ 100%纯天然
✔ 不含化学食品
✔ 无药物成分
✔ 不含重金属


将一小包  Mizino Ezy Lite Night 瘦身加入一杯(200毫升)室温水,用力摇荡或搅拌均匀,睡前饮用。




  • 月经期间或怀孕停止服食
  • 睡前服食,效果更好
  • 建议您多喝水,每日最少饮用8杯(2500毫升)白开水

New from Japan Mizino Ezy Lite Night can gently dissolve fats and detox at night time, the next morning to help rid the body of excess fats and toxins, so you can easily to dissolve fats while you SLEEP, maintain a healthy slim figure.

Product Features

  • Dissolve fats while you SLEEP for effortless weight loss
  • Prevent bounce back weight gain
  • Prevent constipation as it is rich in fiber
  • Detoxifies the digestive system removing toxins and wastes
  • Helps smooth bowel movement the next morning
  • Improves digestive health for better absorption of nutrients through food
  • Reduces hunger cravings to prevent need for supper
  • Satiates appetite to prevent excessive eating at night

Special Features

✔ 100% Natural
✔ No Side Effect
✔ No Synthetic Chemical
✔  100% vegetarian ingredients
✔ No pharmaceutical ingredients
✔ Not contain heavy metals


Mix 1 sachet of Mizino Ezy Lite Night to a glass of normal water (200 ml), stir well and consume before sleep.


Option 1 – Faster Results
Consume 2 sachets daily
Option 2 – Normal Results
Consume 1 sachet daily


  • Not to be taken during menstruation or pregnancy.
  • To achieve best efficacy, consume before sleep.
  • For best results, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (2500ml)

主要成分 - Main Ingredient:

Psyllium Husk - 洋车前子壳

Psyllium Husk is a soluble fiber. It’s contains a spongy fiber that reduce appetite, improves digestion and cleanse the sludge from the intestinal walls.


Garcinia Cambogia - 藤黄果

Garcinia Cambogia suppresses appetite to reduce calorie intake, increase serotonin to regulate appetite, mood and sleep.  It also helps the liver turn sugar into energy instead of fat.


L-Carnitine Fumarate - L-肉碱富马酸盐

L-Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid. It helps transports fat to cells and turns it into energy, helping the fat burning process. Improve the body’s ability to efficiently process fat.


*大豆类中富含有人体所需的优质蛋白和8种必需氨基酸,且不含胆固醇,富含磷脂,可降低胆固醇,有宜于心血管疾病的防治 *

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