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26 Jun 2020
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The Japanese Skin Brightening Program which can healing and repair our body cells, which is gives the skin smooth, firm, strengthened and youthful appearance. It also can prevent acne and melanin production, whitening and moisturizing the skin, allowing you to restore the baby's skin 👵👩👧👶👶👶👶.

【产品功能Product Features
美白皮肤 Skin whitening
减少黑色素形成 Reduce the formation of melanin
提升皮肤光泽和亮丽 Improve skin shining and brightening
保湿皮肤 Moisturizing skin
缩小毛孔 Pores Tightening
减少皱纹Reduce wrinkles
防止太阳紫外线射入皮肤 Prevent sun's ultraviolet
增强皮肤锁水能力Enhance skin moisturizing ability
抵抗自由基 Anti-free radicals
恢复皮肤细胞弹性 Restore elasticity of skin cells
改善皮肤松弛 Improve skin laxity
促进皮肤细腻和柔滑度 Promote skin smoother and silky

【使用方法Direction of Usage
Take 1-2 capsules every morning (empty stomach)
*Men and women can be taken*

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